Polisseni Center Construction

Ricky B. on Thursday, 14 March 2013. Posted in Athletics, Student Life

This Tuesday 3/12/2013 I visited with Richard Laudisi, Vice President at LeChase Construction, the construction management firm overseeing the Polisseni Center project, to learn more about how the arena is being built and what's been done so far. Richard was very nice to take time out of his schedule to show me plans and explain construction processes. I'll be checking back with him every so often to learn about what's happening on-site and sharing what I find out.

Currently, workers are driving piles about 40 feet into the ground to the bedrock which will provide a sturdy foundation. As of Monday (3/11) night, 281 of 651 piles were put into the ground. Pile driving is expected to be complete by the the end of March at which point around 5 miles of pipe will have been hammered into the ground.

In mid-April the area around each pile will be slightly excavated and the piles will be cut approximately 2 feet below the surface. The hollow piles are then filled with concrete and a concrete "cap" is created over the pile grouping. On these caps the weight of the structure will be supported.

The Gene Polisseni Center is planned to be approximately 110,000 square feet, which is about three times the size of Ritter Arena. The center will have a maximum capacity of 4,500 spectators and have 4 suites which will be able to hold between 12 to 16 people in addition to another 400 to 600 club seats. The arena will feature a 85' by 200' ice surface but can also function as a multipurpose venue. In keeping with RIT's green commitment, when finished it will be a LEED Silver ranked building.

You can get updated about the Polisseni Center by following it's Twitter account and be sure to check back as post updates about the construction. If you'd like to help support the Tigers and their new home you can donate here.

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