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Post 4th recap

Jon-derek Castagno on Thursday, 05 July 2007. Posted in Dining

Howdy all. So today has been one heck of a day already and its not even 11 yet. For the 4th my day started off with sleeping till noon! I was exhausted I am not really sure why I was so tired from the day before I went to bed at a more than reasonable time (12:40 am). So after waking up I frantically had to get ready for our big BBQ that we were having at our house. We had many a people show up indeed. The weather was not very nice though and it was raining a bit so we moved inside shortly after it started. It was all-good though we had plenty of beverages and food. The most shocking thing is that I did not burn down the house from cooking.
So one of the coolest things I have found out is that Woz is coming to campus to speak. I am going to be on a co-op still but I am going to drive up to see him speak. Woz is the man and the only thing better would have been Steve Jobs. I really hope Woz pranks RIT; he is the prankster and a hero.  Another reason for going up will be to see all my friends who are there because they are only doing 1 co-op block. I really miss my friends a lot. Well its time to get back to work. Cya later.