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Prepping for Graduation

Shannon Patrick on Friday, 23 April 2010. Posted in Life After RIT

As the days dwindle down to the end of the quarter, I find myself with only four more weeks until I graduate and enter the "real world". Twenty-nine days, to be exact. The most common question of course is, "Do you have a job offer yet??" To which I optimistically reply "Not yet!"

The second most common question is "Are you excited?" And that gets a mixed answer. I'm definitely excited about graduating and starting my career as a graphic designer. But I'm also sad to be leaving RIT, which has been my second home for 4 years. I've gotten used to the quarter system and having scheduled vacations. (How cool would it be if in the real working world you got a week-long vacation every 10 weeks? Best idea ever. They should make this happen!)

As I mentally prepare for the commencement activities on May 21st & 22nd (the first of which happens to be my 22nd birthday!), I'm hurrying to finish up all of my work and classes. As a graphic designer, our Senior Walk Through is on May 13th which means I need to have my final portfolio assembled by then. Plus I'm finishing up my promotional piece, which I will mail out along with resumes and cover letters to the agencies I want to work for.

I'm also looking forward to RIT's Senior Week events - which include trips to Niagara Falls, Darien Lake amusement park, and of course Senior Night - dinner and fun activities open just to the graduating class. More on those events after they happen. And if you know of any east coast ad agencies that are hiring... drop me a line!