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"...Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!..."

Carline Vargas on Friday, 14 December 2007. Posted in Rochester & Monroe County

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME. My Birthday was 12/13. God gave me the greatest gift of all - my son... and Snow on my birthday. It was snowing like crazy and I heard there was more to expect this weekend.

So, how did I spend my birthday?

Let's see I went to class, then work. I left work early to take my son to the hospital. I spend from 3pm to 10pm in the ER. My little angel has had a fever for two days and they didn't know why. Nothing was working for him. He is on a whole lot of meds but I pamper him with his favorite movies like Ice Age and Happy Feet, lots of icy and chocolate. With that said I spend the whole day dressed up for - the ER. We didn't go to dinner so my fiancé did taco night at home and as I was doing work my brother and him came up with my favorite cupcakes, chocolate chocolate chip, with candles on them. It was a sweet gesture.

Before all this happened, I was looking where we were going to do because of the weather, and so I hit up the Visit Rochester Magazine . There are a lot of things going on this winter that you can do with family. And for all my student mothers out there I saw in the ER today a magazine/newspaper just for Rochester Moms called Roc Moms . It has all the activities you can find in the area especially for toddlers. There are a lot of sites out there that have 2+ or just 8+ and it is hard living in Rochester with nothing to do. Once you become a member on the site they have Mom to Mom forums and you can submit pictures and events going on in your area. Another site I sometimes look at is Go City Kids. Occasionally, RIT's calendar has kid activities. Last year they had Clifford which was a great event. Students got discounts through the day care on campus, Margaret's House .

My son has been going to Margaret's House since he was 8 months old and I love it over there. They do so much for the families and the kids. I love how they go over a beyond with the development of the children. My son speaks three languages: Spanish, English and American Sign Language. They helps transition from crib to toddler bed, bottle to sippy cup to cups, from finger foods to a spoon, and now pampers to underwear.

There are many things that students can do during the winter months in Rochester. Many people have spoken about some things in there blogs.

My sorority will be having our 2nd annual, "A night by the fire", which is a movie night with some winter treats such has candy canes and hot chocolate. We will have a health week in January with topics such as cancer, HPV, AIDS, and Alcoholism. We will be hosting our annual "Cafe con Leche" with Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity Inc. which is a Latino Poetry night but we have a variety of poems in different languages. All are welcome to read other poems or original poems. We offer coffee to attendees.

My other organization, La Voz, we will be hosting our 4th annual Film Festival where we present movies of international cultures. In the past we have presented "Like water for chocolate", "Y Tu Mama Tambien", "Frida", "Padre Nuestro", and "Goal". This year we will be presenting "Murder on the border", "El Cantante", "Real Women have curves", "City of God", and "The Sea Inside".

Let's talk about this weather... The snow has been beautiful and it hasn't been that cold because there is no wind. My favorite time of day is at night beause it is so quiet outside. When I walk my dog its just beautiful how the moon hits the snow and it looks so clean. It hurts to walk on it because it makes this scratchy notice when you walk. Let it Snow, let it snow, let it SNOW! Laughing

More is definitely to come. Stay tuned.