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"Plan For Tomorrow...

Sade Fridy on Tuesday, 20 January 2009. Posted in Majors & Minors, Student Life

'Cause we swear to you
You're going to be okay" ~Scrubs Cast

After a long, long wait it's finally here. What is? Inauguration Day. Millions of people gathered in Washington D.C. and billions across the globe tuned in to watch 44th president, Barack Obama, be sworn in. I'm not going to lie and say that I had been following the campaign from day one, but I for a long time I didn't see how it impacted my life. But at some point during the spring quarter of 08 I realized that I was now a biotech major and that maybe I should start paying attention. Because, while everyone should, the change in administration will really affect the future of science in America. Will we start moving forward again or will we stand still for another 8 years? Will the brain drain continue as american graduates (possibly including myself) leave the country to pursue research opportunities in other countries? Countries whose government has not been stunting their scientific growth?

I know he wasn't born in a manger or on the planet krypton but what I want to know is, will our new president keep his word and allow the funding of areas of research that for the last 8 years have been banned? With nominees like Dr. Steven Chu for Secretary of Energy and Jane Lubchenco for Director of the NOAA, I think he will.

So...plan for tomorrow.

As an after thought, Obama's speech was amazing and song composed by John Williams "air and simple gifts" is really good.