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"scar" the end.

Amanda Lasicki on Wednesday, 18 July 2007. Posted in Student Life

today is wednesday.
soon it will be thursday. nothing too interesting will happen.
then comes friday.

on friday, i will leave my house at eight in the morning. that is the last time i will be on the internet until i finish reading the last harry potter book, which i am going to get as soon as i get off work on friday night. that means i will not check my email or go on aim or go on facebook. in fact, i'm probably going to limit phone calls and texts to my mom who doesn't know anything about harry potter.

the thing is, i really don't want the ending ruined for me. i've been reading the books since they first came out when i was in sixth grade and i swear i'll punch somebody if they ruin the ending for me. a lot of people feel this way too.

some idiotic discount book place "accidently" shipped their copies of "harry potter and the deathly hallows" early, allowing some people to recieve their copies yesterday. then mr. rains on everybody's parade decided to photograph every page (coughTOOMUCHFREETIME) and post them on the internet. HOWEVER some other genius posted some fan fic on the internet and also claimed that it was from the seventh book. now all sorts of spoilers are flying around the web (many contradicting each other) and it's just obnoxious. the last two books have been ruined for me, thanks to the internet. for the fifth book, i was on aim when one of my friends me and said "OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE SIRIUS DIED". i was in the middle of the book. the next book a friend sent me a link to a a video of some boy driving past a borders/barnes and noble for the harry potter book release yelling "snape kills dumbledore!" i would have put a spoiler warning before the previous two statements but the fifth movie just came out and the snape kills dumbledore video is pretty well known.

so yes, i've already heard some spoilers but since nothing seems to match up, then la dee da, i'm going to ignore them all. but until i finish the book, no internet. no blog entries. without the distraction of facebook, i'll probably be able to finish the book before going into work on monday. hopefully. that or i'm calling out sick.

gjkghfkghklglkhfghlga. frustration. just got an i.m from a friends -- "want the new harry potter book??" his away message says that he just finished reading it. i reserved my print copy and i will be waiting at 11:59 pm at barnes and noble to get my print copy thank you very much.

don't make me start my "i hate technology" rant.

you know, this didn't happen for the fourth book. i was in like seventh grade or something and i had been at a sleepover at claudia's house the night before and of course we had stayed up the entire night. when my dad picked me up that morning, he took me straight to the book store to get it and i read the entire car ride home (even though it made me nauseas) then went inside, plopped myself down on the couch and kept reading. i fell asleep while reading and IN MY SLEEP (my mom watched this happen) i dropped the book, then picked it back up and opened it. when i woke up, i was still holding the book and i just started reading where my finger was but i was so confused. when i had picked it up, i picked it up about seventy pages ahead of where i had been.

in other news, reno met and had a lengthy conversation with alexis bedel today. be jealous.

and now i am going to sleep because i'm tired and i am most likely NOT going to sleep this weekend. night night.