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Quidditch on Campus

Alissa Anderson on Wednesday, 20 January 2010. Posted in Clubs, Student Life

A few weeks ago I was walking back to my dorm from class andnoticed a game being played on the field next to the gym. Nothing out of theordinary for a fall afternoon at RIT… until I realized all the players wererunning around with brooms in their hands.  Last week the Reporter (our campus magazine)printed an article about the game I had witnessed. The article was titled “BYOB:Bring Your Own Broom,” and explained the latest trend on campus: Quidditch. Apparentlythe Harry Potter sport has jumped of screen and has started popping up oncollege campus across the nation.  Thegame is played almost exactly as it is in the movie except players run on theground (rather than flying), and the snitch is a player dressed head-to-toe ingold (rather than a flying golden ball).

According to the article, the RIT Quidditch club is lookingto grow and eventually be recognized by Student Government as a club.

It’s never a dull moment on campus…. for more informationfind the group on facebook or read the full article from

Check out the following photo (taken by Trevor Reid) fromthe article:




 Or check out the Joel Witwer original documentary on the game: