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Quidditch @ RIT (RIT has a quidditch team??)

Ken Radzyminski on Thursday, 10 October 2013. Posted in Clubs, Student Life

While most people have either seen or read the Harry Potter stories and know what Quidditch is, most do not know that it has turned into a coed sport that is played not only in the US, but also around the world. Starting with a few students from a small liberal art college, this sport has grown to over 1000 colleges not including the growth in community and high school teams. And yes, RIT has a quidditch team! The Dark Marks, as they are known, is an athletic club that was born 4 years ago and has grown into a competitive travel team. In recent years, the club has placed 2nd for D2 in 2011, and a year later placed 32nd for their first year in D1. They even at one point ranked 5th overall! Over the years, the Dark Marks have traveled to Canada, New York City, Rhode Island, as well as Kissimmee, Florida, for the yearly World Cup. Now many people will look at the activity and say they will never try it. I don’t blame them, I was the same way. During my sophomore year though, I showed up to one of their pick-up game days just as a joke. The thing was, after I tried it once, I was hooked! The silliness of riding brooms, the semi-awkwardness of the sport, the variety of people that were there; it was all addicting! After these few hours of trying it out, I showed up to practices, and now, after two years of dedication to the club, my fellow teammates voted me in as captain of the team. Besides traveling and competing with other teams, the RIT Quidditch club also hold events on campus to support the community. Last year a few friends of mine and I started the Charity Games, where we held a quidditch tournament on campus in order to give a chance for everyone to play and compete against each other in a semi-competitive nature and to collect and donate money for Golisano Children’s Hospital. Every year, we hold an exhibit at Imagine RIT to not only introduce the sport to teenagers who might be interested, but also to kids as young as 5 - 7 years old!   Also, if you were interested in participating in the College & Careers summer program that RIT offers to incoming high school seniors, we will be holding a small event where you could get a small taste of what it’s like to play quidditch! So what am I trying to say: Just try it! Those who say it’s stupid are usually the ones who never try it, but once they do, they understand why others love it so much.