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rain rain go away

Amanda Lasicki on Thursday, 24 July 2008. Posted in Rochester & Monroe County

question: what is the most stereotypical fallback conversation topic and also one of the most asked questions about RIT/rochester in general?
answer: the weather!

once upon a time when i was going through parent evals after a campus program, i saw that one parent wrote that we hadn't talked enough about the weather. i didn't realize it such an important topic. i guess people are confused by the northeast. we have four seasons and really no major natural disasters. hurricanes rarely hit us as an actual hurricane. we don't exactly have a tornado threat, and we aren't known for fog/rain much.

all outsiders know of upstate new york weather is what they hear of it on the news. lake effect snow! snow up to the roof! five feet of snow in five minutes! unfortunately, people aren't aware that upstate new york covers quite a bit of land. most of this crazy weather happens outside of rochester. mainly buffalo and syracuse. the great lakes create their own weather. part of this is "snow bands" i think heard somebody say once. basically, there are certain parts of upstate new york that get blanketed on a daily basis and other places don't. rochester is one of the places that doesn't. the funny thing is that you can drive ten miles and run into a place it does. contrary to popular belief, ROCHESTER IS NOT A YEAR-ROUND FROZEN TUNDRA.

for example, right now it happens to be summer. yes, that happens here. warm wearther (as in no jacket) tends to go from mid/late may to mid september/early october. sometimes you might need a hoody like at night or in cold air conditioned offices and lecture halls. summer days here tend to be very hot and VERY humid. nights cool down a bit but not much unless it rains. there's many ways to beat the heat in rochester though. lake beaches. apartment complex pools.

incoming students will be arrive at the end of summer. nights will hopefully cool down more and your walk to class in the morning may require a light jacket. i've left anything heavier than that at home and i'll have my parents bring it with them in mid-october.

after summer comes fall, my favorite season. i was spoiled by growing up in new england. the colors just dont seem as vibrant here. as fall progresses, you will need to wear warmer clothing. i recommend dressing in layers this time of year since you never know when you will have a warm afternoon. the wind is also pretty common this time of year. there are certain parts of campus that are windier than others. i'm not going to spoil the fun. you'll learn soon enough where they are.

the comes winter, the season dreaded by many. the first significant snow usually happens at the end of fall quarter. then it's just cold for a bit. right after christmas break we have a week or two of unseasonably warm weather. it's happened the past three years. it's like rochester's christmas gift to the winter haters. then it gets cold again and snows some more and some more. i like the snow. it aslo provides for great snow boarding/skiing and impormptu snowball fights on the quarter mile.

the snow continues through april. this is know as spring. actually "spring" starts with a teaser. a few days of really nce weather so people will look fowards to the coming months. then, all the sudden, BAM SNOWSTORM. really, spring as most people know it is nearly non-existant. we go from winter to summer in about a week. or less.

the thing it took me longest to get used to was how much weather i was being exposed to. rochester and home have very similar weather. the difference is that at home, i walked directly into the garage, go in my car, drove to the school, walked the 100 yards from my car to the door and stay in the building all day. here, i have to walk to class. and then in between classes, i quickly learned that here you HAVE to dress appropriately for the weather. no skirts in the winter. no forgetting sneakers at your house. the following things are helpful: umbrella, ear muchs, scarf, umbrellas and sunglasses are my best friends. bring these items with you.

alright it's time to head out before i fall asleep here again. coming up next week...
our new bookstore in park point opens monday. can and i are going to explore.
also, one week til the august collage and careers. sign up now!