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rar it's hot.

Amanda Lasicki on Tuesday, 26 June 2007. Posted in Dining

it's disgustingly hot. 102 today on the way home from the mall. grossness.

other events in the past three days of the soap opera known as my life: ange's graduation, my car died, ange got into a car accident, ange's car got towed, my car (aka boris or minivan) got towed, and morgan moved. thankfully, everybody is alive. except ange's car. but that's okay.

so originally i had one thing to write about, but then my computer crashed (i'm using elena's WINDOWS BOOOO) and i came up with something else.

the something else is a little more important so i'll babble on about that for a bit.

so last week while i was in rochester, my boyfriend and my friend sat me down and sort of had like an intervention with me about how unhealthy i'm getting. i don't excersize, i don't eat vegetables, and while school was in session, i ate two frozen meals a day along with some cookie dough or mac and cheese. so they were yelling at me for being unhealthy and saying i should actually cook something. the problem is I DON'T KNOW HOW TO COOK ANYTHING. now that i'm out of the dorms i have a kitchen which includes, you know, a stove, meaning i have the option of COOKING. except. i never do. the only things i can make are scrambled eggs and pasta. i'm sort of a carbaholic though and i need to be able to make other things. anybody have a favorite healthy recipe they'd be willing to toss my way?? i've been looking at but i'm kind of a carboholic so i gravitate towards the pasta recipes. i really need to vary my diet.

i'm also afraid my two years of unhealthy eating is going to have some long term affects. everybody talks about the freshman fifteen and i never really had a problem while i was still on the freshman meal plan. then part way through winter quarter of my first year, i realized that genius me barely left any time to go back to gracie's to get lunch so i weaseled my way to an upperclass meal plan -- all debit. i could eat wherever i want and whenever i want. bad choice. this led to the freshman fifteen. when i went back home last summer, i started eating normal again. bye bye extra pounds. even this past year, having my own house, i just ate so differently during the school year than while at home. i don't drink milk anymore, i used to easily finish a gallon a week. my mom used to force me to eat at least a few fork fulls of salad at every dinner, that obv doesn't happen now that she lives 1400 miles away. and tonight that all hit me. i probably really screwed myself over for when i get old.

my goal for this coming school year is to eat healthier. and be healthier too. where my apartment is, there are bike/walking trails and i really like riding my bike out there. hopefully i keep that up when school starts again.

oh yeah, so the other thing i was going to talk about -- GENERATION GAP yay!
ever have one of those days where you just can't talk to you parents cause they just don't get it?? ange's mom has always tried to beat the generation gap by asking us about things. usually she was brushed off with a pleasant  "ew mom go away!" but yesterday, for some reason, we decided to humor her a bit. it started off when we were in the post office. ange was mailing the invites for her grad party. mj (ange's mom) spotted a wrong address on a neatly address envelope and proceeded to cross out the old one and write the new one above it. ange later saw it and said, "that's so ghetto" and mj the curious said, "now why is that ghetto?" i was laughing too hard to explain so ange just said because it was so random and didn't match. mj still quite didn't get it and said, "oh! it stands out in an odd way. i stand out sometimes. I'M GHETTO!" then everybody in the post office turned around to stare and ange and i went and hid in the car. DO NOT TRY TO BRIDGE THE GENERATION GAP. it is dangerous.

that's all!!!! pray for cooler weather kthanksbye.