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Recruitment Week!

Alissa Anderson on Monday, 20 September 2010. Posted in Clubs, Community Service, Life After RIT, Student Life, Women at RIT


Just returned from RIT after my FAVORITE week of the year: Recruitment Week! 

Every year during week two the Greek chapters of RIT gear up for the recruitment season hoping to gain a new class of dedicated men and women for their prospective houses. 

Fraternity and Sorority recruitment at RIT are two different ball games. Both groups start at Club Day during orientation week to get the word out about the fun to come week two.  However, once recruitment week finally starts it is very different. Fraternities entertain informal recruitment - while sororities support a formal recruitment approach. 

Formal recruitment allows girls to experience all the sororities on campus so that they can make an educated decision about what chapter they want to join / where they feel most comfortable fitting in. 

The week starts with KICKOFF - where girls travel to all 6 houses and get an introduction to RIT Greek life and what each house has to offer. 
DAY 2: Philanthropy Day - is designed for houses to show off their dedication to their national philanthropy and explain the community service the do each year. 
DAY 3 PART 1: Sisterhood Day - for houses to share stories and explain exactly how chapters cherish and promote the friendship and bonds they have with one another. 
DAY 3 PART 2: Formal Tea - a sorority tradition, by this point in the week the girls have narrowed their chapter choices down to their top two houses and join the sisters for tea and cookies to discuss the financial and time commitments associated with sorority life. 
DAY 4: Bid Day - the new girls arrive to the Campus Center early Sunday morning and are handed an envelop counting an invitation to their new chapter... at the end of the morning the girls are allowed to open the letters and run out onto the Greek Lawn where they are met by screaming sorority houses, songs, and photos. It's the most exciting part of the week! 

Check out some shots from this past week: