Registration Time

Blenda Luong on Thursday, 22 October 2009. Posted in Academic Calendar, Advising & Support, Coursework, Institute Requirements, Majors & Minors

It's that time in the quarter again when students frantically search for classes that they either have to take or want to take for the next quarter. It’s probably one of the most stressful two days of week 7, I know it is for me. Thank goodness this can all be done online, no waiting in long lines to register for classes!

Every quarter students receive their class audit sheets for the quarter. An audit sheet is a very helpful but sometimes daunting sheet that shows what classes you’ve taken, what classes you are currently taking, and required classes you will need to take in order to graduate. All courses are listed along with your grade and the course number. If it weren’t for these sheets I’d probably be taking a lot of random classes that don’t pertain to my major, which is fine if I wanted to stay at RIT for 3 extra quarters. Thank goodness for these sheets because it comes in handy for registration day which for level threes are today! Here the RIT registration is done by grade level, older students register first and it goes down from there. It can be very very VERY frustrating sometimes because the older students get first dibbs on classes that you want to take to get you ahead or fun classes that are really popular such as Wines of the World and Foods of the World classes (I believe that was the first class all my friends were complaining was full already). But everything always works out in the end. If you don’t get into a class that is required for your major, there is a section of the registration site called Unmet Needs, that will help you get into the class that you need.

As of now I am organizing all my classes I need to take for my major along with classes I need for my concentration (Environmental Studies), and my intended minor (business marketing). Also I’m hoping to take a few fun classes such as ceramics wheel throwing or piyo (mix of palates and yoga which gets full fast) or even quilt making…probably not so much quilt making…

The major downside to registering tomorrow morning that this all starts at 6am! Ah! Wish me luck!