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RIT E-mail Benefits

Shane O'Shea on Thursday, 22 December 2016. Posted in Student Life

As a Rochester Institute of Technology student, we are given an e-mail to help us communicate and stay organized while we are here. However, in addition to that benefit, are you aware of all the other perks that having an RIT e-mail can provide you?


Google Drive 

One of my favorite perks about our RIT e-mails is having access to Google Drive. With our current e-mails, we are able to log into Google Drive and have access to 10 terabytes of storage. This is a super important asset, especially to me as a designer and everyone in college working back-and-forth between home and multiple computer stations across campus. Not to mention, you also can use this 10 terabytes of storage in order to keep another set of backups of your files to keep your work safe. 



Philo is a campus specialized television service which allows college students to record their favorite shows and broadcasts from live TV and have them stored to watch later on the go. As a busy college student who can’t really work around my favorite show’s schedules, it’s awesome to be able to link up my RIT e-mail account for free and get this service to record my favorite shows and watch them on my own time later! Yes, you can also watch HBO and Cinemax with this service! That’s because RIT has partnered with Philo to provide Tiger TV to students living on campus!


RIT Library

 Through our library website, we also have access to a whole bunch of online learning resources such as research databases and tutorial video websites such as and all free of charge provided to us by RIT. 


Additional Off-Campus Perks

In addition to these services, there are a huge variety of discounts and offers that many companies provide to those with an .edu e-mail address.

Some of those that I like to benefit from is Amazon Student, to get free online shipping through I also take advantage of Spotify’s student discount which brings the subscription price for their users to only five dollars a month! 

The biggest one that I always love about having an RIT e-mail (and also being enrolled in college as a full-time student) is having access to lots of student licenses for software that I use on a near daily basis due to my major as a 3D Digital Designer. Having access to lots of these student licenses at home plays an essential part in my learning and will definitely be a valuable asset to your own learning endeavors.