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RIT Humans VS Zombies

Carl Domingo on Tuesday, 29 April 2014.

Humans VS Zombies is a favorite pastime of the RIT Community. It’s not actually, but I always like to think so. Two major games are played during the fall and spring semesters, when upwards of 500 players come together to survive the zombie horde or risk certain extinction. It makes for a very exciting week of survival and missions, where humans must make an attempt to reach Extraction, while zombies prowl the campus to ensure their demise.


To put it simply, HvZ is just a complex version of tag. Players must be wearing their bandanas at all times to show that they are playing. Humans are required to use either Nerf blasters or socks (preferably clean and definitely without rocks) in order to stun zombies. Some bold players simply use a handful of socks, their speed, and their wits in order to evade death. By hitting a zombie with a dart or sock, they are stunned for seven minutes, so that the human can roam a little more freely.


For the zombie, the task is simple: run up to a human and tag them without being hit. Once a zombie tags a human, they are forced to turn into a zombie. The life of a zombie is much less demanding: no real strategy in navigating campus is involved. Just a good pair of running shoes and a small bit of sneakiness are needed.


On top of that, during the week are major nighttime missions, where both teams must complete objectives that can make Extraction harder or easier and inevitably increase the size of the zombie horde. Teams also get the choice of tiers that’ll help make the missions a little easier for themselves. As the game progresses, zombies acquire stronger zombies to strengthen their ranks. Tanks, boomers, witches, and creepers amongst other big, bad creatures all roam the campus, so that the zombies may stand a greater chance.


zombie horde90




During the day, zombies stalk the walkways to trap unsuspecting humans so that they may increase their ranks. Mid-day missions are offered, so that humans can find various perks, like an antivirus that could turn a friend back from the undead. It offers small ways to give players benefits for the night missions.

humans gccis

human ball

human sky bridge

As a zombie for three years, I have to say that it is probably one of the most entertaining ways to de-stress after weeks of homework and projects. I make it a personal note to hunt down any of my friends that may be playing human for that week, which makes the game way more exciting. HvZ events are also hosted by other schools for their weekend invitationals, along with occasional mini-games by our own association, so that you can get you HvZ fix between games. If even for just the first fall game of freshman year, I can guarantee that it will be a game worth experiencing at least once.

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