RIT is Coming to YOU!

Christina Brooks on Monday, 21 March 2011.

The title says it all! This coming weekend, RIT admissions is coming to an area near you (hopefully)! Admission Counselors and RIT students will be at these events to talk all about RIT and answer any questions you may have. While some of these events are for accepted students (congrats!), there are other just general information sessions, both great ways to learn more about RIT!

For all of the dates/locations/events, click HERE .

In highschool, I actually went to two of the RIT Events Near You, both the general information session, and later on for accepted students. Because I live about 7 hours away, I couldn’t go up to RIT to visit, so these sessions were great for answering questions and even getting a feel of the school right in your hometown! If one of these events are near you, check them out if you’re free!  

If these events are not happening by you- don’t worry! There are tons of other ways to get connected to campus and ask questions. You could call Undergraduate Admissions , email an Admissions Counselor , tweet RITAdmissions with a question, read the blogs (like now!), check out the 5RITStudents YouTube page for a behind-the-scenes look of campus, or check us out on Facebook ! And for those accepted students, we even have a Facebook page you you!
So even if one of these events aren’t coming your way, there’s no need to have your questions not answered. At Undergraduate Admissions, we are here for you!

See you this weekend!

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