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RIT is taking me to Vermont... and PRAGUE!

Kahle Toothill on Thursday, 17 January 2008. Posted in Study Abroad

Let's start out with the Green Mountains.
RIT has an organization called OCASA (Off campus and apartment student organization). They offer services to students who do not live close to campus, in order to make it feel like home for them. These services include computer access, faxing, copying, printing, daily newspapers, lockers, and a lounge area. Fresh coffee, tea, and hot chocolate are available free everyday, plus a microwave and refrigerator for students to use. You don't need to be an apartment resident to enjoy these freebees, it applies to ALL students. You just need to bring your own coffee mug!
So let's cut to the chase. Every year they run one big trip - a ski trip. I went last year and it was a BLAST. I can't even describe how much fun it was, just trust me. This year they're running the same trip, to the same place (Smugglers Notch) but with TWO busses of students compared to the usual one. Money is always an issue for college students, so OCASA fronts most of the bill from the budget they get from RIT and Student Government. The WHOLE trip, which included bus transportation, 2 nights in an amazing liftside condo, 2 full day lift tickets, breakfast, dinner and snacks is only $130! If I were to go up to Smuggs by myself, a two day lift ticket would cost $100 alone. I guess it pays to go as a group! I'll be gone next weekend so keep posted for pictures! Here's one from last year - the snow is so beautiful...

Now, traveling across the Atlantic

Once again, RIT is fronting the costs for me (and the rest of the Fast Track MBA students) to spend my Spring Break in Prague. It's going to include some lectures from a college in Prague on international business and we get to take tours of some manufacturing plants. I know one that we are going to is Skoda Automotive , which recently was bought by Volkswagen. I'm really excited to learn about business in a foreign country and then have the evenings to be a tourist! The only costs that aren't covered by RIT are food and extra spending money. And apparently those things are inexpensive in Prague. I won't be leaving for about a month and a half but I'm getting all my things ready so I'll be ready to go!