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RIT Job Zone

Lizz Sawyer on Tuesday, 25 March 2014. Posted in Co-op

One of the many great things RIT offers to students is a resource called Job Zone. When you become a student here and find the perfect major for you, you'll start taking classes that introduce you to the real world. Then one day before you know it, you'll wake up and start looking for jobs, internships, or co-ops! RIT's Office of Cooperative Education and Career Services offers students some of the following resources:

    Career Counseling

    Career Mentors

    Career Resources

    Grad school information ... and so on!

Along with all of that is RIT Job Zone, an online search engine where you can search for jobs or co-ops that are specific to your major or area of interest. Employers upload their information and they are looking specifically for RIT students or grads.  I recently found a perfect job through Job Zone, and just interviewed with them yesterday! You can upload your resume through the server, and certain jobs let you apply right through the website from Job Zone. 
Through the Co-op and Career Services Office, you can also get tips on how to write a cover letter, what to put on your resume (and what not to put!), how to create your portfolio, mock interviewing skills, and strategies to finding the ideal job. RIT offers plenty of career opportunities for students, and Job Zone is a helpful tool that not many other schools offer.