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RIT Music Overview

Brian Lopipero on Monday, 13 October 2008. Posted in The Arts

It has been over a year since I’veblogged on the admissions website, and I’ve finally decided to come back to theRIT admissions page as your guide to on and off campus music (ie. Band, chorus,and orchestra).  I’m sure I willthrow a little about co-op in there at some point since I just got back from myfirst one. 

Anyways…back to music!  Many students do not realize that aschool as technical as RIT has music, but in reality we have a wide variety fperforming arts ranging from:

·     concert bands

·     jazz bands

·     orchestras

·     chorus

·     world music ensemble

I am currently an active member of the RIT singers, a choralgroup, and Eight Beat Measure, one of the all male a cappella groups oncampus.  I’ve also performed withthe orchestra as well, but am currently taking a break.  I will have later post dedicated toeach of the on campus groups at RIT, so look forward to those in the comingweeks.






As for now I would like to focus onmusic as a whole starting with on campus music.  The performing arts at RIT seem to be more of a side note toyour regular classes, and personally I am a big fan of that.  I went to a high school where music wasextremely competitive so it is nice to come and play music more for fun andless to show off, not to mention for me playing my cello or singing is a hugestress reliever.  It is alwaysgreat to just drop everything after a long day of class and just practice somegreat music with a close group of friends.  Music can also be a bit more serious if you would like,since offer a music concentration and a minor.  A concentration is 4 credits of a performance class such asband, and then two four credit classes on music art.  A minor requires a student to take 4 more performancecredits and another music class. Some of the classes included music theory and a handful of history typeclasses.  I’m actually a musicminor and am currently in a class called romanticism in music.  This class focuses on learning aboutcomposers and music from the romantic era (1800-1900).


RIT also offer discount ticketprices to see the RPO, Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, as well as someEastman school of music shows and operas. These discounted tickets are available for all RIT students and it isyet another way to get away from the stresses of college life. 

This has been a brief overview ofthe performing arts at RIT.  In theupcoming weeks expect to hear more about the a cappella group I’m in along witha more detailed look at the other on campus groups.  For more information now check out the inter-webs at thisaddress:




Musically yours,

Brian Lopipero



p.s. write some comments with questions/ideas for futureblogs