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RIT vs. High School

Tiffani Williams on Thursday, 16 August 2007. Posted in Student Life

So, you got into college. What now?

The journey has begun. Life will be so different from what you are used to. College will be the best time of yourr life. You know how people say that high school was the best time of your life? They lied. Until you have experienced college have no idea.

RIT vs. High School*: What RIT has/does that your high school does NOT

*please be advised that this is all relative depending on the type of High School you attend...I went to a private school for 9th -12th

In High School:
1.Teachers tell you what to do and when to do it. When they say jump, you say "How high?"
2. No food/gum outside of the cafeteria
3. Varsity Sports practice after school
4. Everyone goes to lunch at once or in shifts
5. You have assigned seats/tables
6. You have to have a hall pass/bathroom pass
7. You have a curfew
8. Your parent(s) do your laundry
9. If your homework is late, you can still hand it in
10. The longest paper you've ever written was 6 pages
11. You read Spark Notes
12. If you misbehave you get detention
13. You have 3 weeks to study for a midterm/final
14. You have a locker
15. You see your friends every day without fail
16. There is obvious verbal mocking in the lunch room
17. Homecoming includes a Pep Rally and a Football game
18. All your friends are from your town
19. You know the lunch lady...she might even be your Mom
20. Your books are free
21. Your teachers hound you about assignments, tests, etc.

1. Your teachers still tell you what to do but when they say jump, you can say "Why?"
2. You can eat almost anywhere you want, when you want..including class
3. Varsity Sports practice before 6am* there are exceptions
4. You don't have time for lunch
5. You can sit where ever you want...I suggest the front because thats how you get As.
6. You can walk wherever you want, when you want
7. You don't have to report to anyone other than your roomate
8. Two words: Darks & Lights
9. If your homework is late....beg.
10. The longest paper you will write will probably border 15 pages
11. You read the WHOLE book and can quote it.
12. If you misbehave, be prepared to face Student Conduct where you could get kicked out..
13. With only 10 weeks in each "semester" midterms are in the 5th week of moves pretty fast
14. Only the Art & Engineering kids have lockers for all their projects and a strong bookbag
15. You have to call your friends to see gets harder than you think
16. Everyone is unique and we like it that way Laughing
17. Homecoming involves a major concert (ie Kanye West, Yellowcard, etc)
18. Your friends are from far away places like New Hampshire, California, Florida, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Turkey, Canada, Bolivia....just to name a few of my friends
19. You still know the lunch lady...but she's probably not your Mom.
20. Boths can be a pretty serious financial committment
21. Your teachers care about your education, but could care less if you make the decision to be lazy and not hand in your assignments. In that case, you deserve the grade you get.

Ambassadors & Others: feel free to add something to the list!!! And stay tuned for some more inside advice!!