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Rochester Exploring - Getting Off Campus

Emily Okey on Tuesday, 08 May 2012. Posted in Rochester & Monroe County, Student Life

After four years of being at RIT and exploring the Rochester area, I've gotten it know it quite well. While there are always things to do on campus sometimes it's a nice change of scenery to get off campus and out into the community. I can remember back to freshman year when my roommate and I would often just go drive around town without a map or GPS to see what we could find to do. This took us to everywhere from Charlotte Beach (Lake Ontario) up north to Highland Diner in downtown Rochester. 

There are TONS of things that I could talk about that are available just off campus so I'll highlight just a few this time around. It takes a little bit of exploring (don't worry if this doesn't happen until you're a sophomore or so). I know of people who have never even been into Rochester which seems like ashame because there are tons of cool things to do.

SG (student government) has just started up the TE3 which is a bus system that goes into downtown Rochester on the weekends. They're looking to extend this service in the future to include more restaurants and museums. Hopefully this goes through because it would be a great way to go exploring. 

A few of the more natural highlights:

Charlotte Beach 
Located about 30 minutes away from RIT, Charlotte Beach is right up on Lake Ontario. There are swings (my favorite), restaurants, a long pier to walk out on (pictured below) and picnic tables. It's great in the summer because they have sand volleyball courts which are almost always full and there are tons of BBQs or picnics going on down there.



While it's really nice to visit during late Spring and Summer, it looks like Antarctica during the winter. It makes for good pictures, just don't fall in :)



Niagara Falls - Part Two
A little known fact is that you don't have to drive the hour to Buffalo to see big waterfalls. Located right in downtown Rochester is the High Falls District. There's a neat bridge that crosses over the falls to give you a closer view. 


Erie Canal
Just about 5 minutes away from campus, you're able to walk along the Erie Canal. There is a bike path that is accessible just across from Park Point. Most of the time I end up driving down to Pittsford (about 20 minutes east) to walk or bike around there. 

It's super pretty especially during the fall or anytime at sunset! Highly recommended if you every find yourself staying around for the summer because that's when it gets the most traffic with runners, walkers and bikers. Plus it's flat! I don't know about you, but my legs really appreciate that. 


Pretty neat that so many things are so close to campus. 

Next few blog posts (before Graduation in 2.5 weeks - eek!) will include more "things to do" and my favorite places around campus. So stay tuned!

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