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Brian Lopipero on Monday, 19 January 2009. Posted in Rochester & Monroe County, Student Life

So this weekend was incredible.  It started Thursday night, since I don’t have classes onFriday.  Thursday I went to thelittle theater, where independent films are played.  There I saw Milk, and it was a great movie…I highly recommendit.  I also found out they have asnack/coffee bar there were they host a live jazz band.  Friday night was also great.  I went and saw Tosca, an opera, at theEastman Theater.  There is an operacompany in Rochester, and they are constantly putting on shows.  They also offer discounted tickets forRIT students.  Friday was also myfriend’s birthday party, so a few of my friends got together to celebrate herbirthday.  Saturday was another funevening.  The guys from my floorfreshman year got together for our monthly “Man Dinner”.  Man Dinner is basically the guys frommy freshmen floor getting together to eat good food and watch sports…and it isa really good time.  After mandinner I went to Lovin Cup, a café at RIT’s Park Point.  There I hung out with friends, listenedto some live music, and ate some really great food.  All and all it was a great weekend full of fun events.  A lot of people complain aboutRochester being a cold boring tundra, but this is simply not true.  There was not a single second thisweekend where I was bored.