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Rock Climbing in the Red Barn

Patricia Schiotis on Friday, 22 July 2011. Posted in Student Life

As you drive around the outer loop of the RIT campus, you may have noticed a giant Red Barn on the extreme west end of campus. No, we do not have a secret farm on campus, rather the Red Barn is an Interactive Adventures center, known for the rock climbing facilities. The red barn is lined with a variety of climbing paths, designed on the various walls and ceilings of the two floor structure.

I never thought I would actually enjoy climbing on the walls of the red barn; however, it is actually a lot of fun. Since my first time going earlier in the week, I have already been back 3 times, and can’t wait until the next time I go climbing. My favorite thing is trying to accomplish my goal, which is currently to complete one of the many paths intertwined along the walls of the facility.

Usually when I go to the red barn after class, many students are already venturing along the walls. There are a wide variety of skill levels, from beginners like me, to students that can complete the wackiest paths designed. When working on the various paths, everyone is extremely helpful with giving advice of how to best conquer the given path.

When I went to the red barn earlier this evening, I got the closest thus far to completing a path… I was even climbing on the ceiling of the lower level! Although I probably could have tried to finish the path (which is marked by purple tape), the extreme heat of the day was catching up to me, not to mention the soreness in my fingers and lower arms. Rock climbing is a different workout than by body is used to; I never thought my fingers could actually be that sore. Next time I go to the red barn, my goal will be to complete the entire purple path, and possibly start tackling one of the numerous other paths marked on the walls and ceilings.

Outside Image of the Red Barn

Navigating my way across the walls