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Rocks, Galore: Spring Break Adventures

Andrea Shaver on Wednesday, 15 April 2015. Posted in Coursework, The Arts, Vacation / Break

As a member of the CIAS Honors program I was fortunate enough this year to go on a spring break trip to Utah to visit some of the National Parks and take pictures! The amazing thing about this trip was taking a week away from my normal grind of work and being able to enjoy the natural beauty! Getting three credits once I complete a class project will be a fun benefit of my trip also. 
We flew out early Saturday morning and flew into Salt Lake City. We stopped in Temple Square to see the grounds and Mormon church buildings. The grounds were definitely beautiful. It was also an amazing 70º and the flowers were in bloom—definitely a nice change from Rochester. No chance of snow in Salt Lake City!
IMG 6723
I feel like we spent a lot of the week in the car, but we were traveling to beautiful places; so I guess it was okay! On Sunday we went to Arches National Park. I have seen many many pictures of arches, but nothing prepared me for the sheer impressiveness of all of these rock formations. A lot of the arches you can walk right up to and go underneath. My favorite arch was probably delicate arch. This is the famous arch that you see in like every promo picture of arches ever. It’s actually a pretty intense hike to get up there, it feels like the hill is never going to end. But if was definitely worth the climb.. It was fantastic. Many a selfie were taken with rocks last week. 
Sunday night we drove to Monument Valley so that we would be ready for our sunrise tour on Sunday morning. We hopped in an open bus at 5:30am on Monday and drove over to Monument Valley to watch the sunrise. It was a little chilly and super windy; but totally worth it. I was disappointed in the sunrise that morning, but I still got some amazing pictures. 
On Monday we also drove to Page, AZ and got to see Horseshoe Bend. This was probably one of my favorite places on the trip. It was absolutely gorgeous. We got to go back for sunset also. I haven’t mixed my HDR pictures yet, but I really hope that they turned out! 
Tuesday we went to the Antelope Canyons. This was probably one of the most incredible things that I have ever seen in my entire life. The canyon is formed when the cave has flash floods, so the walls are really smooth and have awesome line designs on them. The cave also has a lot of really cool shapes in the walls, so the pictures turned out fantastic. 
Wednesday and Thursday we were in Zion. Zion was absolutely breathtaking and probably my favorite place that we went on the entire trip. We got to hike a lot in Zion. I did a hike up Angel’s Landing (which was absolutely breathtaking, exhausting, and exhilarating at the same time). If the hill that you are climbing up requires a chain, you know it’s a little steep and scary. Making it up to the top was totally worth it though. The view looks over all of Zion, and it was pretty amazing! 
IMG 6856
We also went to Bryce on our trip. In Bryce they have these rocks called Hoodoos. They are these really funny shaped spiky looking rocks. We went down about 50 switchbacks into the valley and actually got to  walk right next to the rocks. It was really cool. The trek back up might not have been the best, but it was so worth it.
Overall, the trip was exhausting and I hiked way more than I have in my entire life, but I got some incredible pictures, and hopefully my class project will turn out well, so that I will have a portfolio piece also! Traveling with a bunch of other art students was definitely an adventure—and I hope that I have the opportunity to go on trips in the future!