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Roommate: Friend or Foe?

Emily Okey on Sunday, 29 March 2009. Posted in Student Life

I remember in the time preceding the beginning of college I spent a lot of time thinking about what it was going to be like, what classes I would take, what I needed to bring and most importantly, who would I be living with? I’m almost positive this question passes through a prospective students mind one time or another during the college searching process.

I couldn’t have asked for a better roommate situation. Moving almost 7 hours away is a huge change when you’ve only lived in one place for your entire life. I was really excited to move up to RIT but also really nervous.  I remember last FebruaryI was searching around the RIT 2012 facebook group after I was accepted. There was the daily flurry of people adding me because they were trying to “get to know everyone” before coming.  I was pretty anxious myself with the whole waiting for August to come so getting to talk to people who were in the same boat as me was awesome.  There was this one particular girl who sent me a message (after I requested her friendship) that said, “Uhmm, do I know you?? I just want to make sure you’re not a stalker.” I assured her that,no, I was not a stalker and I just really wanted to get to know people! I guess we hit it off from the start because by August we had 154 emails between the two of us! About a week or so into emailing back and forth we both decided that we wanted to be roommates. We shared the same fears of getting a roommate we wouldn’t get along with, and the nervousness of moving far away. This particular girl is now not only my roommate but is the person who hangs out with me constantly, comes to every hockey game, eats dinner with me, goes on adventures, builds snow forts with me and most importantly, is my closest friend on campus. We've even had people ask if we're sisters. Oh yeah, and she just got a job at the admissions office! Apparently she’s not sick of seeing my face every minute of her life because she came home with me for break! And she even invited me to go home with her this weekend :) 

While I can’t promise that everyone’s experience with their roommate will be this good, don’t stress out about the whole process. Housing is pretty good at matching people based on general interests. And guess what, even it’s not a perfect match, you can still have a great experience! Sometimes who you may think is the “perfect” roommate for you is not always the best choice. You never know, the random person that you’re assigned to live with fora year might turn out to be your best friend! 

PS: In case you were wondering, roommate selections usually are announced online around August 1st. You'll receive more information in the future telling you the specifics on how to see it, etc.