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Ropes of Leadership

Mark Leonardo II on Thursday, 24 September 2009. Posted in Clubs, Community Service, Student Life


newpic.jpgThis weekend I had an amazing opportunity through Leadership & Service, one of the many clubs RIT has to offer. My first impression upon signing up was the retreat would be boring and uneventful but would make a great addition to my resume. However, I was proven wrong, the retreat was so much more fun than I ever expected. I got to meet a ton a great students of all grade levels as well as some super faculty members. Friday night was filled with teambuilding activities, and Saturday we were able to put those skills to the test during a series of ropes courses. this retreat reminded me that RIT is not just a bunch of computer, engineering nerds, in fact, RIT is very diverse. Now after reading this blog I’m sure you are all jealous of the great time I got to have, but don’t be. RIT’s campus is filled with opportunities like this one. If leadership is something you would like to improve and you don’t want to wait till next year’s retreat you don’t have to. RIT offers two, and four credit leadership classes. You can also get more information by going to