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SAU: a stuent hub

Alissa Anderson on Tuesday, 07 April 2009. Posted in Life After RIT, Student Life

One of my favorite buildings on campus tours is the Student Alumni Union (SAU).  It is located in the middle of the Quarter Mile, and is the hub of all student interaction on campus. Here is a look at what goes on in the SAU:

Campus Connections: last year the book store was located on the first floor of the SAU, since then it has been relocated to the giant Barnes and Noble in Park Point… but the room is not being converted into a new college-hang out hot spot! Hopefully it will be ready to go in the fall!

Digital Den: home to all electronic purchases on campus- you can find anything from desktop computers to cameras and jump drives… anything digital is in the den J   (right above Campus Connections)

RIT Retreat: There are over 200 different clubs and organization to get involved in on campus. The RIT Retreat houses some of the major organization offices such as Student Government, The Center for Campus Life, and the Leadership Institute.

Ben & Jerry’s: B&J have made a home on campus since 2002 and still give us FREE CONES twice a year in celebration! The next one is coming up at the end of the month!

Brick City Café: In my opinion, the BEST place to get breakfast on campus.  Also open for lunch hours, my favorite dish being the buffalo shrimp wrap every Wednesday!

RITZ Sport Zone: Below the Café is the RITZ, which is another place to grab lunch, (serving burgers, fires, and pizza).  The RITZ is connected to the RIT Sports Zone, which is designed to look like the ESPN Sports Zone with TV’s displaying games, jerseys of past athletes on the walls, pool tables in the back… when you venture in to the zone it feels like you’ve jumped off campus.

Bottom Floor: Next to the Sports Zone, students can find Hair Techniques (the on campus hair/tanning salon); The Student Employment Office; The Women’s Center; and others.

Candy Counter & Info Desk: Located right in the front door, these two counters supply campus information and candy for a mid-day pick-me up!

Ingle Auditorium: One of the largest auditoriums on campus, sitting about 300 bodies, Ingle is home to speakers, musical groups, and theater productions throughout the year.  Last quarter, Ingle housed the musical “Little Shop of Horrors”; and a few weeks later “Mr.RIT,” a male beauty pageant hosed by Delta Phi Epsilon to raise money for their philanthropy.  

Lobby: The lobby of the SAU is the true representation of a student. The lobby is constantly filled with tables with students promoting events, philanthropies, and other causes.  It is always a surprise to see who will be on campus every afternoon.

Flags: Upon entering the SAU, students see a ceiling COVERED in different colored flags. The flags in the lobby of the building represent all the Greek organizations on campus. The flags on the perimeter of the room represent all the international representation on campus.  On campus today, all 50 states are represented along with 95 outside nations…pretty diverse for an institute of Technology… which brings me to the main inspiration for this entry. The great diversity on campus.  For myself, I thought RIT was a school of thousands of engineering, calculator using, and number crunching students.  After arriving, I was pleased to find out that campus is more than math, it houses all majors from business to photography, to game design. The mix of students on campus is fantastic! It helps me to relax when I can break out of a math group, and work on my creative side with an art student or film major. Having so many majors represented on campus leads to more ideas, more organizations, and a more rounded rounded college experience, which as a major factor in my college decision.