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Schedule Maker - Hosted by RIT's Own CSH

Sabrina Soares-Kern on Monday, 07 February 2011. Posted in Coursework

With spring quarter just a month away, making sure your schedule is set up is a top priority for students. Unlike semester schools we have to register for classes three times, instead of the normal two, giving us the opportunityto take a wider variety of classes in the same amount of time. This coming spring I'm taking 16 credits, which is actually low for me - compared to the normal 18. I'm taking Chemistry III + Lab, Biology III + Lab, French I for my concentration, Cultural Anthropology to finish up my GenEd requirements, and Lifeguarding for my last required wellness class (which happens to be an ARC certification class!). 

         Agreat way to get organized with your schedule is to use the RIT Schedule Maker, a website that generates a grid-like schedule for you hosted by RIT's own Computer Science House a special interest house on campus. What normally looks like this on the Student Info Systems, or SIS

screen_shot_2011-02-07_at_2.13.45_pm.png is converted into something much more visually manageable - like this!

Almost everyone on campus takes advantage of this schedule maker. It's not only a great way to keep organized but its perfect for comparing schedules with your classmates 
(or sending to your parents so they don't call to check up on you during class Tongue out).

         The website is set up so that you add your class based on the course number - for example, the course number for French I is 0525-440-01, so you add that number where it says "Course 1", and then so on and so fourth with your other classes. To add more than four classes, you select the number in the pull down tab at the top that says "# Courses" then click refresh, which looks like thi

The schedule maker also allows you to add nonacademic courses like the times you work or times that you don't want classes.
To do that you select "More Options" which then looks like this -

This schedule maker is quite possibly the best schdeuling resource avaiable to RIT students, and something that when making your next schedule, you should definitely take advantage of!