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School Fever

Sandra Malinowski on Wednesday, 02 September 2015. Posted in Advising & Support

WE MADE IT THROUGH THE FIRST WEEK OF SCHOOL! Not that there was any doubt that we would, but it has been a whirlwind of classes and activities. A few acquaintances have been made, you have begun to settle into classes, events are beginning to pop up and between everything you are trying to figure out how you will get any time to sleep. Your schedule can get stressful trying to juggle everything, but there should be no worries because college is just one of the many paths to self discovery.

Like most, I started out my adventure at RIT confused, lost and unsure about the future. You see, I came into RIT through the University Studies Program, also known as RIT's undecided program. I just was not sure about what program I wanted to explore for the rest of my life, and as it turned out, many of my friends who had come into RIT committed to a program were just as unsure as I was. I encouraged them and anyone else who is not quite sure about the program they are in now to talk with your advisor, set up a meeting with the University Studies advisors, and talk with people in the department you are considering moving to. They will be willing to meet and talk with you.

One thing I feel that many students are unaware of is just how friendly and accommodating the faculty is here at RIT. I have met with almost every single academic advisor here at RIT because I was curious about their program and what it had to offer. Through all the conversations, it led me to the program I am enrolled in now which is through the School of Individualized Study (SIS). I finally feel that I am in a program that allows me to sculpt my path according to me and RIT has allowed me to do so. Maybe for you, the major you chose is exactly where you want to be, but maybe you're struggling in one of your classes and you don’t know who to turn to. Many students are scared to admit they need assistance with studying or doing homework. I know I was not too sure what I should do when I was struggling, but I knew that I needed help and sometimes all you have to do is ask. I asked for times the professors would be available to meet. I went to the Bates Science Study Center so I could have assistance with my math homework. Although I didn’t go to the Academic Support Center, they are the people to talk with if you don’t know where to begin when studying. They will work with you so you can get the grades you want and understand the material being taught.

In addition the resources I have just listed, the Wallace Library is a humongous resource that should be utilized by every student. I’m not just saying that because I work there, but if you need help with citations, researching materials, or finding books to read, the library can help you with that. We also have the Writing Commons located in the library; they can assist you in your writing process and work with you on your writing and conveying your message on paper.

As we come to a closing, if you pull anything from what I have just told you it should be two things: (1) If you are not sure about your major, talk with an advisor and/or department; they can help you and (2) If you need help with your classes, ask for help; it’s that simple. RIT has the resources you need to graduate as a top-notch student.

And with that I wish everyone a very successful and promising college career! Toodles :)