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Screw Texas

Joe Conley on Wednesday, 25 January 2006.

As far as I'm concerned, you can give Texas back to the Mexicans.

I've always thought Texas stood for everything wrong with America, and now Texas governor gubernatorial candidate Star Locke has proven me right. If elected, Star wants to use his governmental powers to enforce morality, and he sees taxes as "the power to destroy. So our concept is that we need to tax things we don't want and you want to not tax things you want to encourage."

What sort of things are to be taxed? Violent video games, abortions and soft drinks. He stated that games would be deemed "violent" by a 10-member committee, and taxes would "be levied swiftly" against game publishers. Not violent movies, not violent TV, not pornography, just video games.

Star clearly is a winner, just look at his website. You can see a lovely picture of himself apparently picking his ear, and on his "Issues" page, he prominently states:

"TODAY…as in 1776, we MUST “reign in” and set “limits” on our Government,
If we are to insure our personal property and liberty.

Well, as long as you keep dishing it out by using the government to further your own personal morals and agendas, I guess. Jerk.