Semesters So Far

Zachary Bokumiewicz on Thursday, 21 November 2013. Posted in Academic Calendar

Until this year RIT was on a quarter system, where there were three academic sessions during the school year instead of just two. This gave professors and students 11 weeks to learn and teach what they needed; creating a fast paced environment for students that sometimes left me dizzy. Entire projects would be crammed into 2 weeks, giving us the pressure and stress of real world deadlines. While some of you may read this and have to sit down thinking about working that fast, I found that the fast paced system helped me to refine my skills to prime sharpness in order to complete quality work on time. Now RIT has switched to semesters, and I find myself with 5 weeks for one project. You don’t have to worry; RIT hasn’t slowed down their expectations of us at all with the conversion. I still find myself being challenged to go above and beyond in my projects, which include more components and expectations now that we have the time. Slowed down? Not a chance, and I love it! So far the semester system is still just as challenging and rigorous as the quarter system and at the same time it also allows for more time off during the Holiday season that we have always missed in the past. I love the semester system’s balance and it fits great with RIT’s already studious and high ranking curriculum.