Setting Yourself Up For Success: Picking The Right Class

Peter Ryan, Jr. on Monday, 11 November 2013. Posted in Advising & Support, Coursework

With SIS "shopping carts" now open, Spring Semester class registration is right around the corner. With a new term comes new schedules and those schedules can have an impact on your academic performance. I thought I'd share some of my thoughts on picking classes and throw out some ideas that I've had in making a great schedule.

  1. Meet with your academic adviser. If you have any questions about your schedule, this is the first place to go. Your adviser will be able to help you create the list of classes that you need to take after taking into account prerequisite classes, term offerings, and what courses should be take when to balance the work load.
  2. Make use of the Computer Science House Schedule Maker. Not only does it quickly and easily throw your class schedule together (with the option to add other events), the app will allow you to import your schedule as an iCalendar so you can import it into your Google Calendar.
  3. Fire up Rate My Professor to find a good match. RIT largely has some great professors and instructors so you needn't worry about having to filter out bad apples. However, there may be professors that you'd rather have over others due to teaching styles or even personality. Maybe you want a professor that gives more projects and assignments with fewer tests and quizzes. Maybe you prefer a lecture style class over a more interactive one. A quick search on Rate My Professor will help you find the best match.
  4. Pick a class at that fits well with your schedule and that you're comfortable with. The location and time of your classed may have an impact on your performance. If you aren't a morning person it may be wise to avoid picking a morning class (if you have that option). Some people like having heavier days of class so they have more time to study and review on the lighter days. Others like balancing the classes out over the full week. Sometimes even the location can matter. While it's possible to get to get between classes in the time that the institute schedules, some people feel rushed and would rather take their time getting to their next class. If you have the option, it's nice to pick classes that are in building that are close to one-another.
  5. Consider taking classes with a friend or friends. I find that when I take classes with my friends it's easier to study because I always have a study partner and if I have to miss a class or have any questions I have someone to ask.

Good luck with the upcoming semester! 

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