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short and sweet. i need sleep.

Amanda Lasicki on Friday, 22 February 2008. Posted in Student Life

certain things go together. ice cream and sprinkles. hats and mittens. pancakes and syrup. finals week and me deathly ill.

sometimes i think its my body's way of telling me to slow down. granted, since the show ended, i've slowed down a lot. apparently, my body wants me to do no more than lay in bed and play sims 2. that's perfectly fine by m, but i don't think my professors would accept that as an exsue for why i didn't do my take home final.

end of quarter is rather stressful and busy. you're pretty much asking to get sick witht eh lack of sleep and amount of time spent pent up inside with other sick people. only way you might attract more is maybe holding up a sign. maybe.

so what can you do to prevent getting the sick? wash your hands. eat right. take a break from the homework/studying, and GET PLENTY OF SLEP.

and with that being said...night night.