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Silly rabbit, Trix are obviously for...

(September 19 2007) Written by: Cory Gregory in Clubs, Student Life

...RIT students. Yes. That's the answer to the question that's been on everyone's mind, especially that damn Trix rabbit.

I know everyone pretty much says the same thing, "Wow I am so busy this year!", but it's true. If you are involved with even one club or organization on campus, you are probably bogged down with work/meetings/etc. Last year I went crazy with applying for leadership positions on campus and I actually got most of the ones I applied for. With that said, I am one of the people who are saying, "Wow I am so busy this year!"

This past weekend was ALL-GOVERNANCE TRAINING! Student leaders from organizations such as Student Government (SG), Special Interest House Association (SIHA), and other Major Student Organizations (MSOs) attended the training. Being a part of both Student Government and the Special Interest House Association, I attended the event.

We attended a ropes course on Saturday and participated in many hands-on activities. My favorite activity involved climbing a 30 foot pole, jumping off, and attempting to grab a trapeze-like bar. Granted we were wearing protective equipment, it was still very scary and accomplishing at the same time. I am terrified of heights so I was very proud of myself when I was able to follow through with the activity.

Sunday's events included actual training sessions for numerous different topics. The training sessions I attended were Finances and Budget Management, Event Registration Training, and Senator Expectations. I really learned a lot about registering for events through the Center for Campus Life and had a great discussion with the Vice President of Student Government.

That's really it for now. Leave a comment if you'd like to know something in particular about myself or RIT and I'll include it in my next post!

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    21 September 2007 at 08:17 |
    hi honey,,,,just caught up on your blogs,,,I like knowing whats going on in your life,,,,,,,,have a good day,,,,love ya mommy,,,xoxoxo

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