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Marketing and Advertising
Farmington CT

Entrepreneurship Scholars Program

Simran Makker on Sunday, 19 October 2014.

During my first year at RIT, I heard about the entrepreneurship scholars program. It is offered through the Simone center at RIT. The program entails a series of different business classes, which result in a minor in entrepreneurship. As a marketing major the program really intrigued me and as a sophomore I decided to pursue a minor in entrepreneurship. The entrepreneurship scholars program welcomes all majors such as engineering, design, or business. The students start out in a principle of marketing class in which they create their start up and develop a marketing plan for the company.  During the different courses, the start-ups are funded by the program for any needs. The students also have access to 3D printers and machine tool labs in the campus. In the principles of marketing class, the students get exposed to the resources that are offered to us through the program. The professors arrange field trips to these different resources around the RIT campus. The Simone Center also hosts Innovator’s hour every other Friday from 1-2 pm. At the event, different companies meet and discuss their progress in their start-ups. Also, if they need help for specific people those can be discussed there as well. In my opinion, the entrepreneurship scholars program is one of the best examples of how RIT allows cooperation amongst other majors. Do check out the program in your career here at RIT!