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Sleep tight

Joe Conley on Tuesday, 24 January 2006.

Bedbugs on the rise

From the article:
Exterminators who handled one or two bedbug calls a year are now getting that many in a week, according to the National Pest Management Association.

"There's an epidemic going on throughout the country, and New York seems to be the hotbed," said Jeffrey Eisenberg, a pest control expert.

Bedbugs are turning up in hospitals, schools, movie theaters and health clubs. Recent reports put them in a New Jersey

college dorm and a Los Angeles hotel -- where one guest filed a $5 million lawsuit.

The current generation of exterminators has been caught unaware by these pests, which were all but forgotten for decades. "We feel like we're starting from scratch," one expert says about the fight against bedbugs.

People who have bedbugs rarely see them. The only signs are pepper-like spots of their fecal matter, specks of dried blood on bed sheets and, of course, the bites. The scourge is nearly impossible to eradicate; the creatures can go a year without feeding, they reproduce rapidly and don't die easily.