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So the worst has happened

Jon-derek Castagno on Tuesday, 14 November 2006.

As I was afraid of missing my Astronomy final…well it happened. As I type it Is 11:20 pm.. completely just woke up.; I haven’t even talked to my professor yet, I hope she lets me make up the exam sometime or my grade just fell 30% in that class. I figured blogging was the best way to spend my time. He-he.

So as I try to recall last night I remember Prison break, Heroes and the Amazing race were shows that we watched. Let me start by saying, prison break was amazing and very shocking. The show is stating to get really really good again, it has always been good, but it has improved by quite a bit. They really might escape to panama! Sarah might die..Kellerman might really do it... I don’t know though. Heroes, whoa the show has been getting a bit dull for the past three episodes but it has really improved a lot this episodes and next week is probably going to be the key where all the heroes meet or at least many of them do!. Amazing race was great also.