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Soda or Pop

Daniel Tobin on Tuesday, 16 February 2010. Posted in Rochester & Monroe County, Student Life

It is week 10 and many of us are going insane with finals and projects. With times like this sometimes it is nice to have a friendly argument with some peers and one of the most frequent to occur on campus is what to call a carbonated beverage. It so happens that Rochester appears to lie right inbetween what I like to call the Soda Pop line. To the East it is called soda and to the West it is pop. Even when you are just saying you are heading to the vending machine to get a soda someone around you will likely correct you to say its actally called pop. Occasionaly you will also get those from down south where everything is a type of coke.
Although these debates sometimes get heated they are always in good humor. What is great about it is that just about everyone has an opinion about it depending where they grew up and sides can be taken very quickly. Once in a class the professor had a can of soda (see even my prejudice comes out here), and one student mentioned that the correct term was pop and for the next ten minutes the entire class debated the topic.
The one place that I have seen a cop out is at the local Wegmans where the soda aisle is labled as Soda Pop. So remember although sometimes you want to rip your hair out from stress, freindly banter is a great way to relieve it.
O yeah and the correct term is Soda.