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Jacob Sachs on Tuesday, 02 April 2013. Posted in Visiting RIT, Student Life

So in most of the world, there is four rotating seasons. Here at RIT, spring generally tends to wait a little bit longer to come out of its shell. April fool's day arrived and although it wasn't winter in weather, spring wasn't exactly showing its colors.

Today, the weather gods decided to bring back the winter. Back in 2012, we had spring on April 2, but not today:


(Credit: RITSmiley, reddit)

Here are a few shots that my fellow student ambassador, Erin Supinka got of today's weather:


This was shot around 9:30 am, walking into the back of the Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences.


This one was shot around 1:30 pm walking through the Kodak Quad. Only four hours later. You can check out the rest of weather progression photos, here, or check out Erin's Twitter. 

Hopefully Spring will come right around the corner soon, but for now we will bear with the snow.

In case you don't know what Chuck Testa is, check out this link.

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