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Spring Break

Arthur Johnston on Tuesday, 06 March 2007. Posted in Vacation / Break

So there is a variety of things that college students do on Spring Break. Some go to party spots, some catch up with their relaxing time and some even go and visit friends or family. Now for the last three years I’ve gone down to Florida which would make you think that I fall into the first tow categories. In fact I go down to Florida for spring training for crew. This year that involved a 20 hour bus drive, which was fun if long. Right now we are in our third day of training. The schedule for practice goes something like this

6:30 Be on the bus

7:00 Be on the water

10:00 Get off the water

11:00 Eat luch

3:00 Get on the bus

3:30 Get on the water

5:30 Get off the water

8:00 Go to bed

This is a lot of fun and since right now it is 6 degrees in Rochester while I am at Cocoa Beach I’m really enjoying it. The only problem so far is finding enough time to eat. Between to rows a day and just staying alive I need to eat about 6000 Calories a day. Which is fun and all since I can eat whatever I want but it is kind of tiresome to always be eating. Really I can’t complain though because I am eating like a pig, in Cocoa Beach, for fun. Life rules.