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Spring Break in NYC!

Cory Gregory on Monday, 10 March 2008. Posted in Student Life, Vacation / Break

I thought I would have an original blog entry by writing about my spring break trip to New York City but it seems that Sarah also went to NYC! Even though she beat me to the blog, I'm still going to write about my eventful trip lol.

I went with some friends to NYC last week since it was our spring break week. We stayed about 20 minutes away in New Jersey where hotels are much more affordable. We drove for 5 hours on Tuesday morning to get to the hotel and then took a train into the city. We explored the Times Square area, the theatre district, and other areas south of Central Park. We also took the subway down to Canal Street where there's all the "knock-off" items. That was definitely an interesting adventure..

While in the Times Square area, we stopped at the Hershey's store and there were the actual dresses from the Hershey episode of Project Runway. This was really cool for me because I watched a majority of the past season. Here are a couple pics of the dresses:



The next day we drove into the city since we were leaving later that day and it would be a waste of time to return to New Jersey. I found out that finding parking in the city is one of the most stressful things ever! It took us close to an hour and a half to find a parking garage that was decently priced. Besides this one stressful encounter, the trip was a lot of fun. We saw Phantom of the Opera at the Majestic Theatre. This was my first Broadway show and it was really good. We found tickets that were very reasonably priced and the seating wasn't that bad either. After the show, we continued to explore the city and visited parts of Madison Ave and Fifth Ave.

It was a nice two day break away from everything. Here are a couple more pics from the trip:

My friend Matt and I in front of Rockafeller Center and Ice Rink

Me on the subway in NYC