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Spring Break: Round Two

Emily Okey on Wednesday, 14 April 2010. Posted in Athletics, Student Life, Vacation / Break

This past weekend is what I would like to think of as my real spring break. Not that I didn't enjoy going home before, but because of the quarter system spring break falls so early that there is still snow on the ground!!  
Anyway, just in case you've blindfolded yourself while getting to this page and missed all of the news about the Men's hockey team making it to the Frozen Four, I'll fill you in. After winning both games against Albany and UNH two weeks ago, they advanced to the Frozen Four for the first time ever! It was a huge deal around campus and people who were not previously hockey fans jumped on the, 12 game winning streak, bandwagon. After debating whether or not I should go to Detroit it became pretty clear that the question was no longer if i was going, but how I would get there. 

We, meaning myself and three other friends, hopped in a car last Thursday and drove through Canada on our way to Detroit. I was pretty excited to use my passport for the first time since coming to college, even if it was just passing through. Unfortunately, I apparently forgot to sign it but the guard guy was nice and told me to just do it later. No jail time for me.. can you even go to jail for that? (Side note: accepted students, if you anticipate wanting to go into Canada-- just over an hour drive away-- while you're at school, apply for a passport now!)
                                                                                                                                                                                 Soon after arriving in Detroit the game (RIT vs Wisconsin) started and right after that was another game (Miami vs Boston College) so it was a pretty long day. Honestly, the score of the RIT game can be entirely overlooked. RIT was the only school that had never made it to the frozen four before so they didn't have quite the same experience playing in such a huge crowd. The cheering done by RIT fans was definitely something everyone will remember. We had people coming up to us in the elevator after the game telling us just how fantastic the RIT corner crew/student section was. 
Speaking of crowd, the game on Saturday broke the world record for the most people at an indoor hockey game... 34,954 people! The previous record was 19,342. That's pretty crazy to think about. It did help that it was at Ford Field which is a football stadium. 
                                                                                                                                                                                  The funniest part of the whole weekend definitely had to be on Saturday. The RIT team had gone home on Friday but many fans -- us included-- stayed just because we had already paid for a hotel room and what not so it was worth it. The national championship game was Boston College vs Wisconsin and the final score was 6-0. Of course people cheered for Boston but everyone watching ESPN said that they could hear the RIT cheers louder!! Walking out of the stadium everyone was chanting R-I-T R-I-T... including Wisconsin fans (who had just lost), Boston College fans (who had just won the national championship and should have been cheering for themselves, and the Miami fans (who were in the same boat as us losing the night before). 

Even in the midst of all of this hockey, we did manage to pull ourselves away and go to, what was my first, major league baseball game. It was, appropriately, the Detroit Tigers vs the Cleveland Indians.