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Spring Fest & Imagine RIT

Emily Okey on Saturday, 28 April 2012. Posted in Festivals

While the temperatures suggest otherwise, it's Spring Fest Weekend at RIT. I'm almost certain that the highs this year were warmer during Freeze Fest than they are now. Regardless, still a lot of things going on around campus!

Yesterday afternoon was a Pizza Tasting Competition. As I don't believe they've had one of these in the past, we didn't know what to expect going into it. Turned out to be a lot of fun! All of the major dining halls on campus came together in Global Village and offered pizza to taste test. After tasting them all we had to vote on Most Original, Best Crust, Best Overall, etc. I wasn't around for the final judging so I'm not sure the outcome but I was definitely really impressed with all of the options. They really went all out with their creations and there were some crazy (and tasty!) combinations.


What this weekend means is that we're also getting quite close to graduation. Really hard to believe it's already been four years! Graduation is less than a month away now and week eight is upon us (which means finals are coming sooner than we think).

In my last quarter here I've been trying to fit in all of the key Rochester things that I have left to do or am just going to miss. Going to Wegmans (the grocery store here) is pretty high on that list along with visits to the Public Market, various local restaurants, and last trips to the cool parks in the area. 


Next weekend is Imagine RIT, a big festival on campus that showcases all of the awesome projects that everyone has been working on along with food, music, etc. The 5 RIT Students are actually going to be producing some videos throughout next Saturday of all of the events going on for people who won't be in Rochester to see. If there is an exhibit that you see on the website that you'd like to see but won't get a chance to make it to campus, let us know!