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Spring Quarter Classes

Emily Okey on Friday, 01 April 2011. Posted in Academic Calendar

For some reason this quarter seems busier than all others. Seems like it was just yesterday that it was spring break and I hopped on a plane to Portland!

We’re now in the thick of things project wise, heading into week five.

I really meant to post this a while ago, but better late than never! Here’s my class line up for the quarter. I kind of made the mistake this time around of signing up for WAY too many classes not knowing how difficult the mix would be (should have assumed..) someone remind me next time around!
Environmental Design- One of my core graphic design classes this quarter. We’re currently working on a project to develop a way finding (how you get around a place & directions) system for the Mount Hope Cemetery. We finished up a project last week where we redesigned a specific location in the CIAS building on campus. This class is really technical compared to others in that we’re starting to play with what materials signs are made out of & really specific measurements of buildings and such. 


[our design proposal for the ITS help desk in the CIAS building... nope, there are not bright blue walls there currently :)]

Web Design- Rather self-explanatory. Learning how to code websites in html & css which I’m actually really enjoying! After a full quarter of action script (flash) which I did not particularly care for it’s a nice change of pace.
Career Skills- This is a required course for all graphic design majors. Basically covers everything you need to know about interviewing, job searching, our field in general. Last week we did a project where we had one sheet of paper to design a resume/promotional piece about ourselves. Definitely was a challenge! I find it so much harder to sit down and figure out who I actually am rather than the usual figuring out what a brand or company is about.
Internet Marketing- I’m working on a minor in Digital Business which seems to be a nice mix between social media, marketing & even advertising. This class is by far the most time consuming this quarter. We’ve had a big paper due almost every week & have another research paper due on Sunday at midnight-- which luckily I got a huge head start on and so I’m almost finished!
Calligraphy- All art majors are required to take 18 credits worth of studio classes befrore they graduate which can range from painting to calligraphy, photography, glass, metals, etc. Pretty much anything. Calligraphy is a really popular one to take & I’m really enjoying it so far. Mostly because it’s all about typography! (I'm a type nerd) & it’s taught by one of my favorite graphic design professors!


[for homework each week we do two whole sheets of practice lettering]

Screen printing- Another studio class I’m taking this quarter. It’s a really good change of pace to be working with design hands on. Nice break from the computer!

[test print of a new printing technique]

Let’s just say it’s been a rather busy quarter and sleep has not been very frequent but at least it’s all things I enjoy doing!
Spring is always the busiest quarter because of all of the events on campus, preparation for summer (still looking for a summer internship hopefully!) and the weather is finally getting nicer so people want to hang out outside.
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