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Stand Out: Be an RA

Josh Kramer on Wednesday, 03 February 2010. Posted in Advising & Support, Residence Life

As an RA for ResLife, one of my jobs is to help select the new RAs for next year. There are four parts to the RA application process:
  1. Information session. There are about 2 dozen information sessions conducted between Thanksgiving and the holiday break by ResLife senior staff (my bosses). Attendance is required to be considered.
  2. Online applicaiton. A standard application with a few essay questions
  3. Interview. The interview is conducted with a senior staff member and an RA. This is one of the ways current RAs help with the selection process.
  4. Group Process Day (formerly Carousel Day). This is the last step in the application process, and mendatory to be considered for the job.
Group Process Day is the biggest part of the process for current RAs. Essentially, the day is a big group interview. About 16 applicants are in the room with 10 or 12 RAs and 2 senior staff members. The applicants go through 3 activities, and the RAs silently sit around the outside of the room and look at how the applicants interact with each other and handle the various situations they are put into.

As a current RA, Group Process Day was a little exhausting. I didn't get to participate in any of the activities; I only got to watch. I, however, did enjoy being able to hang out with other RAs, many of whom I never get to see.

I am currently in an American Sign Language class, and have been learning a lot of sign this quarter. Most RAs know at least a novice level of the language since so many residents are deaf or hard of hearing. My favorite part of the day, by far, was communicating with everyone with ASL while the applicants were doing things. Most of them couldn't tell that we were signing, and if they did they didn't know what it was about. Using ASL outside of the classroom was very exciting.

Are you an outgoing person? Do you llike being a confidant/confidante and helping people solve problems? Do you like artwork and making bulletin boards? Do you like fostering a sense of community? If so, then the RA position could be right for you. Keep your eyes open for signs around week 8 of fall quarter to learn how to apply!