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strange, strange dreams.

Amanda Lasicki on Monday, 20 February 2006.

one of the awesome things about being a photo student here at RIT is the cage. the cage lets you borrow equipment ranging from tripods to cameras that cost more than you can ever imagine. the cage is also where you go to check out studios and darkrooms. i haven't taken advantage of the equipment borrowing until lately. you can only take things out for 24 hours and even if you are one minute late, you are docked. docked means you can't check anything out, including darkrooms or a computer station to print things. it sucks hardcore. well, i take that back. it doesn't suck too much if you have nothing to do. BUT when it's week 10 you ummm don't want to get docked.

this brings me to the nightmare i had last night. i dreamt [nightmared?] that i had woken up, gotten ready, went to class, and DIDN'T BRING MY EQUIPMENT BACK. [insert scary music DUN DUN DUNNNNNN] so i realized that i needed to bring my stuff back and i ran back to my room and ran to building 7 and i was docked for 6 days. only something a photo kid would worry about. and during week 10.

fun in the dorms late at night! i'm the one on top!