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Student Voices Heard Through Pawprints

Andrea Shaver on Friday, 26 September 2014. Posted in Faculty, RIT Behind The Scenes, RIT Mission

Just over a week ago RIT’s Student Government launched a new service called Pawprints. Pawprints is a petitions website similar to We The People ( The idea is that the service will encourage student engagement and provide a platform for administration to answer student questions. The service, which has only been active for 10 days, has had over 2,706 undergraduates log in. That is 13.65% of RIT’s population! There are over 8,681 signatures on over 107 petitions! Petitions range from things like dining options, to the concerts that happen in the fall and spring, and to things like the toilet paper. Student government has various committees assigned to getting answers for student’s petitions.  This has been a great way for Student Government to help represent the students' concerns to administrators— and the site has only been active for less than two weeks!