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Study Time in the Wallace Library

Patricia Schiotis on Sunday, 24 January 2010. Posted in Student Life

Every week, it seems like I spend countless hours catching up on my studies in the Wallace Library.  The library seems like the only place I can sit down and focus on all my coursework.   My favorite place to study in the Wallace Library is on the third floor.  I usually work at a table, giving me a lot of room to spend out my books and begin completing my homework.


The library has four floors, the first two which are considered ‘speaking’ floors.  Whenever I have a group project to work on, we usually go to the first floor of the library, giving us a focus place, and we can still talk to each other.  The third and fourth floors of the library are considered quiet floors, making it better for individual work.  When I study, I need silence.  I tend to get distracted easily, so the third floor is the best place for me to go.


Whenever I need a little energy booster from studying, I go to Java Wally’s.  Java’s is the coffee shop that is located within the first floor of the library.  When I go to Java’s, I always get a Shot in the Dark, which is a shot of espresso and hot chocolate.  After I get my drink, I go back upstairs to continue my studies.  With the little extra energy, I can usually finish my work, and then continue on with the rest of my day.