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Summer: A Sigh of Relief

Emily Okey on Tuesday, 07 June 2011. Posted in Academic Calendar, Student Life, Vacation / Break

Following a rather stressful quarter, I almost don't even remember what to do with freetime. Not to worry though, it's all quickly coming back to me.

After spring quarter finals week was over, I spent the rest of the week at school packing up and catching up with friends before everyone headed off for the summer. At the end of the week, I drove home for the first time in almost 6 months-- yikes!

I'll be in Maryland until the very beginning of July when I'll be returning to Rochester. Summers are much appreciated in terms of taking a giant sigh of relief from the craziness that can occur throughout the year. It's also a great time to catch up on all of the things that I wished I had time for throughout the school year. 

For these few weeks I've taken on some freelance graphic design work, I'll be working on some personal design projects that I don't have time for during the year and prepping for my senior year (!) and I'm spending lots of quality family time. In July, I'll be interning at a design firm in Rochester and, of course, working College & Careers with the admissions office (which you should all go register for immediately because it's super fun and you get to hang out with all of the student ambassadors!). 

Stay tuned throughout the summer for some packing tips, general college advice and more on my summer shenanigans. For a daily update, you can follow me at @RIT_Emily