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Summer Begins!

Emily Okey on Friday, 29 May 2009. Posted in Student Life

I’m home! Last Thursday after my psychology final my dad came up to help move everything out of my dorm room.  After a brief day and a half stop at Penn State University for my sister’s volleyball tournament we finally got home only for me to realize that I would then have to turn around and unpack everything that I had packed, unpacked and then packed again (confusing, I know). College is basically four years of moving your stuff around—so only bring what you’ll absolutely need! It’s actually not that bad, my room only briefly looked like a tornado blew throughbut everything is under control and mostly in the appropriate place.

I’m still trying to grasp the concept that I am no longer a college freshman.  August seems like a super long time ago and I cannot even begin to remember what being in high school was like but at the same time that all seems like just yesterday. The Class of 2009 graduation from my high school was this morning which makes me feel older because it's already been over a year since we were there!! How weird. 

Despite not having an actual full time job at home in Maryland, I’m going to be rather busy this summer. I’m home for another weekand then going up to New York City. Two weeks after that my family is going on a two week road trip through the Midwest-- Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan, etc. Mid-July I’m going back up to Rochester to work in admissions until mid August! I could have worked up there all summer except I decided that I would rather have some time at home after being away for so long. But it’ll be a nice way to break up the summer. Within that time is College and Careers! I’ll have a little over two weeks at home in August and then it’s back up to Rochester to move in before Orientation Assistant training. I'm filling all of the "holes" in my summer by hanging out with friends from around here. It's nice to be able to catch up and hear about what everyone else has been doing for a year. Sometimes it feels like I never even left! I might even forget to go back... but then I got an email about the hockey schedule for next year up at RIT... and you know how that goes :)