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Summer Bucket List - In Progress!

Jacob Sachs on Wednesday, 11 July 2012. Posted in Admissions Process, Co-op, Majors & Minors

It's hard to believe it is already the second week of July! Now that I have had some time to get more settled into my work, I have the chance to give you an update on what has been happening during my Summer. I like to think of it as my bucket list.

When I left off last, I was going to go on a food tour the coming weekend. And let me just say, that was an awesome experience. On that Saturday, I went on the Foods of New York Tour with my roommate and another couple of interns. Specifically we went on the Central Village and SoHo tour, getting to explore a bit of the hidden cultural side of the city. The tour included everything from Italian to Cuban to Indian food, including Monte's Trattoria, an Italian Restaurant that is notable for its storefront, as seen in Friends and here of where Joey would always take his dates.

The tour also included Joe's Dairy, which had the best fresh mozzarella I have had to think of and Once Upon A Tart, a dessert shop where we enjoyed a pear and chocolate tart to end the day. It was quite the tour of delicious and various samples, and is definitely something I recommend to anyone who visits New York.

The next week came the 4th of July holiday, which as it came on a Wednesday this year made the work week quite interesting with a break in the middle. Monday and Tuesday flew by that week, and then I enjoyed my holiday by spending time grilling and hanging out by the pool with some of my friends and then that evening we went into Hoboken and got a nice dinner, followed by a great view of the Macy's NYC fireworks from right on the water looking uptown to Manhattan. I've seen the Macy's show on TV before, but it was a great experience to see it up close. Following the holiday the other days of work flew by as well, and it was quiet around the office as a lot of people chose to take vacation days after the 4th.

The following weekend I was able to cross another item off of my Summer bucket list as myself and five friends went to Atlantic City. Many people see it as Vegas of the east coast, which in some way is true, but is quite different as well. It was a great time to wind down after the shortened week, and I even came out a little ahead while playing some slots in the casino!

Coming ahead of me, my summer travels are just getting started, as I am heading to Boston this weekend with three friends. I will also get to catch up with some of my co-workers from my previous co-op which I am looking forward to. We plan on exploring some of the historic areas of Boston and getting to see a bunch around the city. Following that weekend, the next I will be back in Rochester! I am coming back for my favorite RIT part of my summers, working at College and Careers!

College and Careers (July 20-21 and August 3-4) is my favorite admissions program throughout the year, probably as a bias that it is the program I went to when looking at colleges and it is how I first discovered all of what RIT had to offer, including the major I chose and still am a part of, Packaging Science. I never would have known about what packaging had to offer if I didn't attend this program and visit RIT. To be honest, I just randomly picked it as one of the sessions as I attended as it seemed to be an engineering field that I could potentially like with its open-endedness of opportunities.

Not just trying to sell packaging, the entire program is something to look forward to as a student ambassador, and even more as a participant. I highly encourage you to attend, and there are great activities for parents too! I remember when I went, my dad won a coffee mug in a trivia game during a parents bus tour because he knew that Tom Coughlin was the RIT football coach when we had a team. My dad is from New Jersey and grew up a Giants fan so that was pretty special for him to find out about the Giants' connection to RIT. Before Tom Coughlin was big, he was a tiger.

I could talk for hours about how much I love College and Careers, but instead of that, I encourage you to sign up today here.

I will be back with more to report off of my bucket list, but for now to stay updated, be sure to read my blogs and follow me on Twitter.